Spotlight: Donation Saves Aptus Money That Can Go Towards Clients With Complex Disabilities

New furniture and equipment may be the need but not the reality for charities like Aptus Treatment Centre, a not-for-profit with 12 locations in the Greater Toronto Area, serving 200 people with complex disabilities.  For the dedicated staff at Aptus, who would prefer to spend their money on their programs, the reality is that the fair market value of new furniture and equipment can be exorbitant.

“Having all of the appropriate furniture is often not a priority for not-for-profits,” said Julie Bonett, Aptus’ Senior Purchaser and Gift-In-Kind Coordinator.  “Increasing support and services are always our budget priority and useful items like projectors, desks and filing cabinets remain on our donor or future-spending wish list.”

“Not-for-profits have to prioritize funds for extra program services like fitness programming, communication tools and summer programs,” said Julie.

Furniture donations to APTUSEnter Green Standards, who connected Aptus with a leading accounting and advisory firm that donated over 100 gently-used items like conference tables, bookshelves, whiteboards, fridges and desks.

“It’s so nice that such good quality, durable items were donated that we otherwise would not have received or been able to purchase.”

The donation has had a dramatic impact on Aptus’ staff, particularly their therapists who now have desks that they use to track the success of the people they support, instead of working from the corner of tables that host painting and other art therapy exercises.

“We’re so immensely satisfied with all of the furniture,” said Julie. “It’s so nice that such good quality, durable items were donated that we otherwise would not have received or been able to purchase.”

Additionally, the money saved through this donation is immeasurable. 

APTUS Treatment Centre

“Estimating the fair-market value of the items we received from Green Standards, this donation would be measured in the tens of thousands,” enthused Julie.  “Green Standards is helping us save money for what really matters: achieving the potential of people with complex disabilities.” 

By utilizing Green Standards’ managed program of donation, resale and recycling, the accounting and advisory firm was able to make a substantial community investment while benefiting the environment. All told, they were able to divert their entire inventory of surplus assets away from the landfill with the help of donations like the one made to Aptus.

About Aptus

aptus_lgFor over 36 years Aptus Treatment Centre, formerly MukiBaum Treatment Centres, has provided treatment services to children & adults who have multiple developmental disabilities, combined with emotional/psychiatric disorders.  They have three day programs and eight residential homes. Achieving Potential Through Unique Services for people with complex disabilities ensures enhanced quality of life though person-centered planning, assisting them in actualizing their potential, exercising their rights, and creating opportunities for their greater societal inclusion.


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