Sustainable Office Decommissions

Your furniture has value.
Our platform captures it.

What We Do

Measure and maximize the value of everything in your office

We’ve spent more than a decade building a unique platform for what we call sustainable decommissioning. We strategically resell, donate, and recycle everything you no longer need.

Green Standards is a proven partner to the world’s largest corporations


Simple. Scalable. Sustainable.

By rethinking wasteful processes, Green Standards achieves a 99% landfill diversion rate on corporate real estate projects — and the value we unlock keeps us cost competitive





Green Standards Projects


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Conventional office liquidation


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Our Capabilities

Countries in which our programs are available


Global buyers and brokers looking to buy your furniture


Square feet of offices decommissioned annually


Landfill diversion rate across 2000+ projects


Non-profits and charitable organizations registered


Specialized recyclers offering preferred rates in major regions



We facilitate the resale of your items.

Our best-in-class resale network keeps your decommission costs down.

Resale extends the lifecycle of office furniture and directly defrays the cost of your project.

Because we maintain relationships with major resellers in every market and region, we can get the best price for your furniture, fixtures, and equipment.


Furniture and equipment resold and diverted from landfill


High-value office chairs, sit stands, and workstations resold


“By working with Green Standards we are doing the right thing and demonstrating that Expedia cares.”

Josh Khanna

Global Workplace Lead

Expedia Group


An integrated platform for every last detail.

Scope Development

Our comprehensive assessment of scope and schedule clearly determines your organization’s objectives, timelines, ESG benchmarks, and existing partners to outline the best path forward.

On-Site Assessment

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After a walkthrough of the workplace site, we negotiate logistics, resale, and all other operational components with a vetted network of qualified vendors.

Disposition Planning

Combining our global network of non-profits and our proprietary database of workplace equipment, we create a detailed plan to maximize the value of your FF&E through resale, donation, and specialized recycling.

Proposal Review

We present a detailed proposal of our plan, ensuring full transparency and alignment before getting started.


We do everything required to bring your project in on time and on budget while managing safety, compliance, insurance, and risk. Every item in your inventory goes to the best end user, every time.

ESG Reporting

We gather and validate all field metrics, including beneficiary testimonials, tonnage, carbon emissions avoided, and fair market value of donations, for comprehensive environmental, social, and governance reporting via our cloud-based platform. Additionally, we provide all necessary documentation to pursue any tax benefit to which you may be entitled.

Since 2016, Green Standards’ partnership with GM has diverted 7,000+ tons of surplus furniture from landfill while making in-kind donations of more than $1,000,000 to 102 non-profits through the sustainable decommission of multiple corporate campuses in Michigan, spanning millions of square feet.

GM Renaissance Center

How to Get Rid of Used Office Furniture (the Right Way)

Every office relocation, renovation and closure generates no-longer-needed furniture and equipment — the extra chairs, desks, cabinets, supplies and electronics sitting in your storage space…

how to office furniture

Leveraging Work-From-Home Policies to Help Others in Need

Here at Green Standards, we believe these sweeping changes to the status quo represent an exciting opportunity for you to clear out your workspace and do good.  We manage the removal of parts/pieces while workspaces are being reconfigured to meet new company wide safety guidelines. Rather than liquidate your office surplus, we can help you sustainably donate office furniture to non-profits in need.

sell or donate your office furniture

Green Standards was inspired by a simple observation: The way companies move is broken.

There is value in your old office.

But there’s tremendous value in office furniture, fixtures, and equipment, particularly for non-profit organizations that would otherwise have to divert precious resources to buy these items.

green standards turns waste into change

The Hidden Environmental Costs of Downsizing an Office: What We Learned

Remote work is better for the planet… right? Whether you’re downsizing or ditching the office entirely, it can be a boon for the environment—if you do it right.

Hootsuite partnership with Green Standards


Sustainability demands scrutiny.

Our impact reporting platform gives all stakeholders detailed insight into your projects and how your organization helps local non-profits and avoids carbon emissions.

Non-profits receive free office furniture and equipment from Green Standards corporate clients and partners

Community Engagement

We collect and feature testimonials from the non-profit and charitable organizations that receive furniture from your projects, helping demonstrate the power of your community investment.

office furniture and equipment landfill

Environmental Impact

We measure the amount of furniture diverted from landfill by weight, CO2e emissions avoided, and asset distribution streams. We also collect scale tickets, and line of sight documentation and ensures transparency on all inventory handled.

Green Standards reporting is compatible with these entities

Green Standards helps organizations live up to their climate and community goals.