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Office furniture donations for non-profits

Non-profits around the world source free furniture through the Green Standards Charitable Network

Furniture donations to Pioneer Charter School of Science


When major organizations move or renovate, we help them donate their surplus furniture and equipment.

We provide free office furniture, equipment, and supplies⁠ — with free delivery ⁠— to registered non-profits and community organizations around the world on behalf of our corporate clients and partners.

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Join 20,000+ non-profit and charitable organizations across the globe.

Are donations available in my city?

We work with responsible corporations around the world. Although our work is concentrated in major city centers, we routinely work in small cities and towns too.

Is my organization eligible?

We work with registered non-profits of all types, including charities, school boards, associations, cultural groups, food banks, museums, foundations, and more. All registered non-profits are eligible to join our network and place requests.

How do you select recipients?

Donation recipients are selected based on a number of factors, including client preference, distance from project site, size of request, and overall need for items.

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Why choose Green Standards?

Countless non-profits, from government agencies to local community centers, have saved thousands of dollars by joining our network. We help you keep your hard-earned funding dedicated to those you serve, while ensuring you can access safe, functional office equipment.


Get free, gently-used office furniture and equipment

Free delivery included

Optimize your administrative budget

Give usable products and resources a second life

Members of the Green Standards Charitable Network save money and improve their workplaces.


What is my non-profit obligated to do to receive a donation?

Beneficiaries are obligated to:

  • Sign the Transfer of Title (TOT) to transfer ownership
  • Prepare enough space and organize volunteers for the delivery date
  • Provide feedback, photos and testimonials regarding the donation and experience.

How is the furniture delivered?

The furnishings will be delivered directly to your facility and unloaded outside, tailgate style. You will be required to provide volunteers or staff on site to receive the donation, carry the items into your facility and set it up. Please note: delivery vehicles can be quite large and require adequate exterior space or loading docks.

What condition will the furniture arrive in?

Green Standards partners with multinational companies including many Fortune 500 corporations. The condition of the furniture and equipment may vary and we will do our best to convey condition via photos and description of the inventory but we cannot make assurances beyond that. All furniture will be working and functional.

How does Green Standards choose beneficiaries?

We score potential beneficiaries on multiple criteria including size of request, proximity to project location and overall need for resources. Although we try our best to allocate donations to organizations of all sizes and types, we are on fixed deadlines and ultimately process oriented.

Why haven’t we been selected to receive a donation?

Since we score beneficiaries based on request size, location and overall demand for resources, some organizations may find that they have placed a request but didn’t receive any items. Smaller organizations may consider placing larger orders by joining together with affiliated organizations or selectively requesting items from smaller inventories in their area. We try our best to reach everyone although it is not always possible.

How many volunteers do I need to unload the items?

Labor requirements vary depending on the size of your donation. Typically, we recommend having a minimum of 5 volunteers per truck. Your Green Standards representative will provide you with specific instructions for your delivery.

What happens if the items are damaged beyond use?

Do not accept any badly damaged items and immediately contact us while the movers are still on location. Your Green Standards project manager will help resolve the issue.

Why do you request photos and information regarding the donation?

The photos and info will be used in Impact Reports for our client donors. This report showcases exactly how their donation was able to benefit the community and provides you with an opportunity to share your story and say thanks to the donor.

What do I need to prepare for delivery day?

For delivery of medium-to-large sized items such as tables, cabinets, credenzas, and bookcases, it is best to have all material handy to make transfer of the furniture easy and safe for your volunteers. This can include an assortment of moving dollies, tools and protective equipment like safety gloves, steel toed boots and protective eye wear.

How should I request from multiple donation projects happening around the same time so as to not receive too many items?

Please treat each request as if there were no other donation projects to request from. We will follow up prior to confirming donations in order to verify requests are accurate. It’s during this time that you can let us know that you’re only looking for specific items.

Do we need a loading dock?

No, although it is preferred. We’ve delivered successfully to all sorts of locations and the overriding priorities are space, safety and presence of adequate volunteers.

How can I see what type of furniture you have available currently?

Our website does not feature furniture and equipment that we have available on an ongoing basis as we have hundreds of projects in multiple regions and cities running simultaneously.

If you’re interested in receiving future furniture and equipment donations for your registered non-profit or charitable organization, please follow the below link for more info.