Terms and Conditions of Requesting and Accepting Donations


Donations from Green Standards are provided at no cost to the beneficiary. This includes a ‘tailgate delivery’, meaning donations will be delivered by truck and offloaded at the agreed destination’s loading dock, or appropriate door. This does not include having the donation moved into the location of the beneficiary or reassembled.

Workstations/Cubicles/System Furniture will always arrive disassembled.

If the beneficiary would like to be introduced to the logistics provider for the purposes of procuring their services to move and assemble assets, this is done outside of the scope of the project. Green Standards or its partners are not responsible for any costs or complications associated with the independent contracting of the logistics provider by the beneficiary.


  1. Beneficiary understands that a request through this website confirms the the beneficiary’s commitment/intent to receive their requested inventory and does not convey a commitment on the part of Green Standards (GS) or its client to execute the donation.
  2. Beneficiary understands that final client sign-off and approval is still required, after which time GS will provide written confirmation to the beneficiary and proceed with Transfer of Title documentation.
  3. Beneficiary understands that delivery of assets will consist of a tailgate offload only and no labor will be provided to transport assets into the Beneficiary’s facility.
  4. Beneficiary understands its obligation to provide a number of able-bodied volunteers to provide all labor once items have been offloaded from vehicle.
  5. These volunteers must remain on site for the duration of the delivery period.
  6. Beneficiary understands that all systems furniture and many larger items will be dismantled for transportation; any installation or re-assembly is the responsibility of the beneficiary. GS is able to provide contact information for resources to facilitate this process and this would be a separate contract between the Beneficiary and the logistics partner.
  7. Beneficiary understands that all assets are used and will arrive in “as is” condition. Specifically, color and finish may vary from photo-documented inventory. Beneficiary agrees to receive all inventory items it has requested, as long as those items don’t prove to be grossly damaged or in non-working condition.
  8. Beneficiary agrees to provide reporting in the form of: Transfer of Title & Tax Benefit Documentation (provided by GS) and Beneficiary Media, such as photos and a written testimonial (provided by Beneficiary).
  9. Item counts are subject to availability and may decrease without notice. GS agrees to not send additional inventories without prior approval from Beneficiary.
  10. GS will do its best to have the logistics partner deliver on the Beneficiary’s requested dates, but this is not a guarantee. GS will communicate dates to you in advance of delivery.