Circular Communities: Atlanta and Empty Stocking Fund

With major projects continually underway in cities around the world, Green Standards has been building circular economies at the local level for more than 15 years. Our Circular Communities series highlights the non-profit organizations that make circular workplaces work for everyone.

In 1927, a group of employees at The Atlanta Georgian newspaper started The Empty Stocking Fund to bring toys and gifts to disadvantaged children during the holiday season. Since then, the registered charity has grown to help tens of thousands of Atlantans all year round, with a special focus on education.

At The Empty Stocking Fund’s first teacher pop-up event of the year, Green Standards was able to deliver many truckloads of quality furniture, equipment, and supplies to help local educators improve their classrooms and common spaces. These items were donated by Green Standards clients in the Atlanta area eager to keep them in use and out of landfill.

The event went amazingly well and just about every piece of furniture is now in classrooms across Atlanta thanks to Green Standards.”
Barbara Blalock, Empty Stocking Fund

Traditionally, much of this perfectly useable furniture would find its way to landfill, but through our circular economy-inspired program we’ve proven there is a better way to extend the lifecycle of these valuable assets for our corporate partners and our communities.

Barbara Blalock, executive director of The Empty Stocking Fund, reported that 177 teachers came to the pop-up event, and each was able to select five items to improve their classrooms. Donated task chairs were the fastest items to go.

“I have been sitting in a child-sized chair since the beginning of the school year because my school was unable to provide me an adult-sized chair,” one teacher told Blalock’s husband, who was volunteering as a parking attendant at the busy event.

“This is the biggest blessing ever!”

Beneficiary Spotlight

“Teachers don’t have the adequate supplies in furniture that they need, so the impact of in-kind donations is something that keeps an organization running. This donation could not have come at a better time”

Barbara Blalock

Executive DIrector

Empty Stocking Fund

Non-profits around the world source free furniture through the Green Standards Charitable Network.

We provide free office furniture, equipment, and supplies⁠ — with free delivery ⁠— to registered non-profits and community organizations around the world on behalf of our corporate clients and partners.

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Green Standards has spent the last decade developing rigorous practices and global networks that deliver optimal value from workplace decommissioning. Our enterprise program measures and maximizes ESG performance while virtually eliminating landfill waste. A partner to the world’s largest organizations, Green Standards enables the efficient and ethical redistribution of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) during times of workplace change.

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