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Why corporate office moves belong in ESG reports


Once Green Standards has successfully resold, donated, or recycled nearly every item on a project, we deliver best-in-class ESG reports on CO2e emission reductions, fair market value of all donated goods, and much more. Our clients use this data in their annual sustainability reports. Here’s why highlighting your corporate decommissioning project makes good sense:

1. It’s both the “E” and the “S” in ESG reports

Our work aligns with both the environmental and social goals of most Fortune 500 companies. If your organization has signed on to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we’re in perfect alignment on SDGs 1,4,9,11,12, and 13.

In terms of environmental value, the Green Standards platform helps your organization work toward net zero waste goals while building a circular economy.

And when it comes to social impact, the fair market value of your donations is certainly worth noting. This investment in your local community can be tailored to your corporate philanthropy objectives.

Here’s how our client Engie reported on our work together in their 2021 Sustainability Report:

Excerpt from Engie’s 2021 Sustainability Report.

2. The data tells the story

A major project has major outcomes, including tons diverted from landfill, CO2e offset, and the fair market value of all donations. All of this is perfect fodder for ESG reports. Accentuating this data underlines how important it is to track every item to its new home — and to ensure that nothing ends up in a landfill.

From Creating A Friendly Future, the TELUS 2016 Sustainability Report

3. Faces and testimonials bring ESG reports to life

Behind the impressive numbers are real people whose lives are improved each day by your donations. We carefully collect photos and testimonials for our clients, and we encourage their use. It’s the single best way to drive home the importance of sustainable decommissioning in corporate ESG reports.

From Genesys’ 2021 ESG Report.

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