The January Roundup: These clocks don’t stop

In this issue: M Moser’s designs, a zero-waste office in Maine, and a timely donation

For these office clocks, time wasn’t up

It was about time.

A major technology company was reviewing their post-pandemic real estate portfolio when they noticed the clocks. Offices around the globe had them hanging on the wall — and that cost money. Not only to buy them, but to change the batteries and, twice a year, to adjust for Daylight Savings Time. This company is at the leading edge of tech, so it was pretty safe to assume that every employee had a time-telling device within arm’s reach at all times.

This company partners with Green Standards, the global sustainable decommissioning company, so they reached out to Rebecca Shirey, strategic accounts manager in the Bay Area.

“I tell our clients that if you turn their offices upside down and give them a shake, we’ll make sure everything that falls out stays out of landfill,” Shirey says. “And that definitely included clocks.”

So who needed hundreds of clocks? The Green Standards sustainable decommissioning program finds the best next user in each market, so this question was answered on a site-by-site basis. In New York City, placement coordinator Stella Baigent reached out to the Clay Avenue Tenants Association, a long-standing member of the Green Standards Charitable Network in the Bronx that redistributes donations to community members in need.

“These donations are going straight into the community,” explained Regina Carter, community associate at the registered charity. “The clocks were a huge hit with parents who are struggling to teach their children to tell time.”

As with all in-kind donations facilitated by Green Standards, the beneficiaries sent along photos of where all the surplus office assets ended up. It’s a timely example of  how the circular workplace keeps equipment in use and builds communities, all while ensuring these clocks never stopped ticking.

Making the rounds: Our coalition’s work toward the zero-waste office

M Moser Associates worked with existing building elements to redesign Miro’s Amsterdam headquarters.

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