Spotlight: Donation Helps The Staff And Animals At The Toronto Wildlife Centre

Deciding whether or not you should invest in new office furniture when you know you’ll need medical supplies to help an ailing animal is an easy decision for the staff at the Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC) to make – the money will always go towards helping animals in need.

Toronto Wildlife Centre staff feeding a squirrel

As the busiest wildlife centre in Canada, the Toronto Wildlife Centre cares for thousands of animals every year. So although some office supplies and furniture are needed to help the staff keep track of the hustle and bustle of the TWC, the staff could never put themselves before their patients.  “No one wants to put money towards administrative stuff,” said Nathalie Karvonen, the Executive Director and Founder of the TWC. “Our staff needs the furniture and supplies, but the animals will always come first.”

Green Standards coordinated the donation of whiteboards, tables, and combo storage units to the Toronto Wildlife Centre from a major Canadian telecommunications company to replace some of the TWC’s older furniture and equipment. “Thank you for this donation,” said Nathalie. “We really needed these items as our old furniture was starting to break down.”

“This will allow us to do our work and is going to make it easier for us to raise funds that can go towards medicine and food for the animals,” said Nathalie.

The Toronto Wildlife Centre is currently in the midst of moving to a new space in Rouge Park, so the donation couldn’t have come at a better time. “The items we received will greatly assist us because a lot of our old stuff needs to be replaced” said Nathalie. “And the whiteboards you got us will help us keep track of things here.”

The Canadian telecommunications company was able to make a series of significant donations to a number of non-profit organizations like the Toronto Wildlife Centre, benefiting their local community while reducing their waste dramatically.


About Toronto Wildlife Centre

Toronto Wildlife Centre donations

Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC) is the busiest wildlife centre in Canada, admitting approximately 5,000 sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals each year for medical treatment and care, with the goal of releasing them back into the wild.  Over 270 different species have been admitted to TWC, from hummingbirds, to bald eagles, and porcupines.  Public education is also a crucial part of our mandate, and is woven throughout our programs.  They run an emergency hotline, rescue service, veterinary hospital, and a rehabilitation facility that has admitted over 80,000 patients in our 21-year history.



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