Spotlight: Green Standards And The Yonge Street Mission Help Change Lives In Toronto

For a non-profit organization with six locations spread across Toronto, servicing 10,000 impoverished youth, families, and seniors, equipping all of its office spaces with the furniture and supplies isn’t easy.  The only option for non-profits like the Yonge Street Mission is to divert the money they bring in from donors away from purchasing food or providing health services for people in need.  Suffice it to say, this option is far from ideal for the hard-working staff at the Yonge Street Mission.

“We would’ve had to spend our donors’ money to purchase the items we need, which we are loathe to do,” said Sally
Ritchie, a senior manager at the Yonge Street Mission. “In everything we do, proper stewardship of the funds donors give us weighs uppermost in our minds.”

In other words, donors give money to the Yonge Street Mission with the expectation that it will go towards supporting people living in poverty. “We know they want their donations spent on community members and services, and that is what we try to do,” said Ritchie. This leaves the staff at the Yonge Street Mission seeking alternative solutions to get the furniture and equipment they need to help their staff and clients.

“Your gifts are life-changing to the thousands of street youth, struggling families, and isolated seniors that come to us each year.”

The alternative for the Yonge Street Mission was Green Standards. We coordinated the donation from a leading accounting and advisory firm to get their staff much needed office supplies. “Your gifts are life-changing to the thousands of street youth, struggling families, and isolated seniors that come to us each year,” said Ritchie.

The donation included items like a television, workstations, whiteboards, and conference tables. “Many, many thanks. You have helped us help other people,” said Ritchie. “These items have allowed us to stretch our donors’ dollars further to help the individuals we serve.”

Additionally, the donation was very timely, as the Yonge Street Mission is looking to expand its operations over the next five years. “The new offices are the early stage of the expansion,” said Ritchie. “And the new furniture will enable our staff to serve our community members more appropriately and efficiently.”

Donations to Yonge Street Mission

“The Yonge Street Mission simply could not serve as many people as we do without your donation,” said Ritchie.

Along with making this wonderful in-kind donation, the accounting and advisory firm had a tremendously positive impact on the environment by collaborating with Green Standards. Working with Green Standards to clear out their office spaces, they managed to divert their entire inventory away from the landfill, over 50 tons of products and materials.

About Yonge Street Mission

Yonge-Street-MissionThe Yonge Street Mission is the parent brand to a number of recognizable not-for-profit agencies – including Evergreen Centre – and has six different locations in Toronto’s downtown core.  These sites serve over 10,000 unique individuals each year, including children, youth, families, seniors, and those who experience chronic poverty.  Since 1896, their mandate has been to break down the cycles of social, spiritual, and economic poverty and create better outcomes for those they serve.  Their long term goal is to work towards eradicating chronic poverty in one generation. 


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