Spotlight: Green Standards Sets The Stage For Timely Donation To ACT Theatre

The show must always go on. That popular show business idiom couldn’t be truer for the hard-working staff at ACT Theatre in Seattle. As Jessica Howard, the theatre’s director of sales and marketing, explained to us, ACT puts everything they have into their productions. “We’re a full, in-house production company,” Jessica explained. “That means we pay for and build the sets, we market the shows, and we find and pay the actors.”

Unsurprisingly, all of their work comes with a hefty price tag and leaves little cash for amenities for the staff and their office space. “Sometimes someone might ask to get something for their office, but then we find out we need to buy an item for the set, or get a certain actor,” Jessica said. “It’s just not something we can do because everyone here cares about the art and wouldn’t sacrifice that for a new, shiny thing for the office – regardless of how much they need it.”

Furniture Donations to ACT

The biggest need for the staff, according to Jessica, was new chairs. “Our chairs were dilapidated,” said Jessica. “Some were missing wheels, some were way past their prime, and others were just gross to look at. Some of the staff started bringing stuff from home to compensate for their broken-down stuff at the office.”

In the fall of 2015, Green Standards began working with an American multi-national technology company, and facilitated the donation of 40 task chairs to the staff of ACT Theatre to replace their old chairs.

“We were so elated when you guys called us,” said Jessica. “Thank you so much for the donation. It put a spring in everyone’s step.”

“It’s just really nice to not have back problems anymore.”

With three administrative floors full of staff ACT_ChairPic_Kennaand past-their-prime office chairs, the new chairs were a welcome donation to the members of ACT. “The chairs were immediately made available to the staff,” said Jessica. “They couldn’t wait to grab their new chair after you guys delivered them to us.”

“It’s just really nice to not have back problems anymore,” said Jessica, with a slight chuckle. “These chairs are far better than the back-breaking ones we had.”

Although the staff at ACT needed the new chairs, Jessica believes they would have never gotten them without the donation. “All of the shiny stuff we get goes on stage,” explained Jessica. “It’s something we always needed, but couldn’t sacrifice the funds to go out and purchase when we have shows to produce.”

Along with making a tangible investment in their community, the American technology company also helped benefit the environment. By keeping their no-longer-needed office furniture out of the landfill, they chose to do something special rather than contribute to the harmful affects of landfills.

About ACT

ACT_50thLogo_ColorStandardRGBA Contemporary Theatre (ACT) is dedicated to producing relevant works on contemporary themes. ACT nurtures new and seasoned artists, collaborates with promising playwrights and local performing artists working in a variety of media, and connects audiences to many stages of the creative process. Located in the heart of downtown Seattle and serving a population of curious, open-minded, and brave audiences, ACT is the only local theatre dedicated to producing contemporary work with promising playwrights and local performing artists since 1965.


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